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Wrongful DischargeTerminations of Employment

Wrongful Discharge/Terminations of Employment are when an employer improperly ends an employee’s contract of employment. This breach of contract could be due to the employee’s actions, or it could be a statutory provision or rule that governs employment law. If this is the case, the employee can file a claim to enforce their rights. There are some basic principles that must be followed when filing a case.

First step

The first step in pursuing a wrongful discharge/termination of employment case is to identify whether it was done for discriminatory reasons. This includes firing an employee for taking a disability leave or due to being pregnant. Another form of discrimination is firing an employee because of their race, age, religion, or national origin. If these factors are present, the employee has the right to file a wrongful discharge or termination claim.

Wrongful discharge termination

The employee may be entitled to damages in cases involving wrongful discharge/termination of employment. Federal and state anti-discrimination laws protect employees, and if an employer has violated these laws, the employee may be entitled to compensation. Wrongful termination is also known as constructive discharge. It occurs when an employee is forced to resign because of an unfavorable work environment. If this happens, the employer is liable for the resulting injury.

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