Family Law

Types of Family Law Attorneys and Cases

Several types of family law cases are handled by family law attorneys. Domestic violence and child abuse cases are two common areas of practice. A good family law attorney can help the victim to obtain financial compensation after an abusive relationship. A lawyer who handles these cases can also help an accused person to prove their innocence or establish self-defense. Below are some common types of family law cases that attorneys handle. All of these types of cases are highly personal and require an aggressive approach.

Family law

Most family law attorneys represent clients in divorce and other cases related to divorce. Other family law issues include reproductive rights and foster care. Because such issues are often highly emotional, hiring a family law attorney can be critical to protecting your children and loved ones. The spouses hire separate attorneys to represent them, and the attorneys help devise a settlement plan to avoid a trial. They calculate spousal support and child custody and propose alimony.

Adoption and divorce

Adoption and divorce are the most common types of family law cases. While the processes are similar in most cases, the actual process may vary. The adoption process can be extremely complicated, and it may be advantageous to hire a lawyer. A divorce attorney can help you decide whether you should seek a divorce or pursue another type of legal action. However, if you have a business that involves property or want to establish a postnuptial agreement, you should consult a family law attorney before signing anything.

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