Trademark and Brand Guidelines

The Trademark and Brand Guidelines states that the use of a company’s trademark must be consistent with its brand identity. For instance, a firm cannot use the names Coca-Cola or Coke as their brand name. Instead, they should state that they own the name ABC Company. The names of both companies should be listed in separate sentences. A firm cannot include the name of another firm as its trademark. However, it may use the name of a competitor as its brand name.


It is important to use the company’s trademarks correctly. The logo should not be combined with other terms or used in combination with other terms. Similarly, it cannot incorporate the trademark in its slogan or tagline. Using the brand in this manner is consistent with the spirit of brand ownership and respect for the rights of others. In addition, the Trademark and the Brand Guidelines stipulate that companies must use the trademarks in appropriate contexts, such as in publications, seminars, and conferences.


As a result, it is essential to follow the Guidelines to protect the rights of the company’s trademarks and brand. In addition to using the trademark in its name, a firm cannot combine the brand assets with other terms, nor can it incorporate them into slogans or taglines. A business should use its brand and trademarks appropriately in order to protect its intellectual property. It is crucial to remember that a brand’s logo and name do not automatically mean that the business is not affiliated with it.

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