Sexual Harassment

Tips for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment is a business imperative. As an employer, you have the legal and moral responsibility to provide a workplace free of sexual harassment. Moreover, preventing sexual harassment will boost your company’s morale and productivity. Below are some of the tips for preventing harassment. Listed below are some tips to help you prevent sexual harassment. o Create an anti-harassment policy and develop it with employees and union representatives.

Safety and Security

Report to Campus Safety and Security. Unless the activity is criminal or poses a threat, report it immediately. In case of verbal reports, the investigators will investigate the incident and preserve records. o Document the harassment. Ensure that you document the incidents and provide support to the victim. Do not allow the harasser to continue causing harassment. o Do not be coy. Avoid provoking the harasser.

Complaint process

Use a complaint process. Many victims of sexual harassment do not want to report their experiences in person. A complaint form can help them to feel more comfortable. o Provide multiple reporting options. Often, a victim will feel safer if she can report her experience anonymously. They may be uncomfortable talking to HR staff in person. Providing several methods for reporting sexual harassment will help the victim feel safe.

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